Webs about bricos and friendly webs


Ford Probe 24v - Personal web about Ford Probe 24v: http://www.fordprobe24v.com

Audi TT - Personal web about Audi TT MK1: http://www.auditt-web.com

Coches Baratos : Personal web about cars: http://www.cochesbaratos-web.com

TIS online in russian (translate aut), technical info about Mini/BMW: http://tis.bmwcats.com/document/repair/

Brico refers to R53 compressor: http://www.minicooperspeed.com/how-to-change-mini-cooper-supercharger-oil/

WEB with many MINI bricos: http://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/MINI/MINI_tech_index.htm#fuelinjection