Changing spark plugs Mini Cooper S JCW R53


In this Brico it will explain how to change the spark plugs in a Mini Cooper S (R53) JCW version. Specific version plugs because the model is different from the JCW model plugs the standard Cooper S version, but the procedure is identical; It is very simple.


The first step is to remove the spark plug caps; oddly enough, this is the most cumbersome step, because being in the band longer spark plugs, usually a little stick in the socket, preventing its removal; in my case it did not cost me too much, and I have not had to disassemble or the plastic cover that covers the intercooler, nor the intercooler; It costs a lot if you remove the caps on the side of the candles you can try to disassemble the two parties to improve access by the hand and can do more strength.

On the side of the coil it is easier to remove the caps from the spark plug wires. It is important to look at the position and route the cables. Each is numbered and there are also a number (indicating the cylinder 1 to 4) in both the coil and the cylinder head cover (in case we doubt the position).

Important also before unscrewing the plugs make sure that no dirt (not to get us into the cylinder when we remove the spark plugs). I have made it a light blow with compressed air to each well, is more than enough. Once clean spark plugs can already draw a special vessel to spark the number 16, which retains the plug within the vessel for removal smoothly.

It is important to check the appearance of the spark plugs to change, as we can give clues as burning gasoline. In this case they all came out with a very similar cream color and a good appearance (no excess oil and impurities and are very blackened).

When put new plugs it is important that we make sure they are the correct model of spark plug. In our case it is a Mini Cooper S JCW R53, which plugs the model recommended by the manufacturer for the JCW is: NGK BKR7EQUP. Again be necessary to use the special vessel 16 for spark plugs and tighten them to the torque specified by the manufacturer, are 27Nm. It is important to tighten with torque so as not to loose with the engine running and its vibrations, if loosened lose compression and therefore lose power.

Once installed and tightened spark plugs, and we can put the spark plug wires, but I advise to clean the contacts of the coil, as they may be sulfur or sparked by moisture, loose contact, etc ... the best is a cloth-pad to do so, and we will ensure that are completely clean and dry before placing pressure caps. You make sure that the plug wires passing through the right spot and are connected to the correct terminals of the coil.