Oil and filter Change


In this brico we will carry out an oil and oil filter change to a 143hp Audi A4 avant (B8) tdi from 2010. In my case I have a pit to access the bottom of the engine compartment. The engine in question is the one that can be seen in the photograph; We take the opportunity to open the upper oil fill cap in order to facilitate the outflow when we remove the lower oil pan cap.

The first step is to remove the lower plastic shield to access the oil drain screw. In my case I preferred to remove the 2 protectors to take a general look at the bottom but it is not strictly necessary.

Once the lower protection is removed, we now have access to the oil pan drain screw, which we can remove with a 19mm wrench if I remember correctly. You must put a container of at least 5.5 or 6 liters so that it can accommodate all the old oil without overflowing.


While the oil is draining we can go up to the top of the engine and remove the oil filter; For this we will need a 32mm socket with a cardan, an extension cord and a ratchet to avoid rubbing plastic parts in the cylinder head area.


Once the old filter is removed, we clean the plastic cap and change the old O-ring for the new one that comes in the new filter; We also place the new filter in the plastic cap and insert it into the engine's filter housing (I advise to grease the O-rings of both the cap and the filter with the new oil that we are going to place so that the filter slides better in the accommodation). We present it by hand and we will finish tightening it with a torque wrench to about 25 Nm.


Once the oil filter has been changed and all the oil drained, we return to the bottom and put the new crankcase bolt (we will tighten it to a torque of approx. 30 Nm), we can also change the washer that has the old bolt for a new (preferably copper). At this point we can fill the engine with new oil.


For this engine (2.0 Tdi 143hp) a 5W30 longlife type oil is recommended; I have opted for Castrol Edge FST 5W30 (longlife) oil, which meets the specifications required by Volkswagen for this engine model. Below I show the oil and the reference of the filter that I have used in case it helps someone.


Remember that when an oil change is carried out with a filter included, we have to buy at least 5 + 1 liter to be able to fill the oil level to the maximum, since the engine oil capacity is greater than 5 liters by changing the filter.


My method to fill to the maximum without going over it was to put the whole large tank at once (5l), I later started the engine so that the oil filter was filled and later I was viewing the oil level from the MMI of the passenger compartment (since this engine does not have an oil dipstick) and I was refilling with the 1-liter filling bottle until I reached the maximum. If I remember correctly, I got 5.5 liters approximately.