Reset oil service interval


In this brico I will show you how to reset the service interval of the oil in a Mini Cooper S (R53) to not leave us the warning that has exceeded the limit of kilometers brand MINI / BMW for changing engine oil.


As you can see, if you have exceeded the limit of kilometers of oil service interval, when the ignition in the first or second position, we will mark with a "-" the kilometers that we exceeded.


Step 1: Hold down the button on the speedometer (which serves to reset the partial performed km).

Step 2: Insert the key and the ignition is in the 1 (hold down the button yet speedometer). Wait until you exit "rst" flashing on the display.

Step 3: When it stops blinking, press the stop button on the speedometer.

Step 4: Press again keeping the speedometer button until the value is reset.


At this time we would have reset the oil service interval.


If we remove the contact and return to give the position 1 or 2, we see that no longer shows the warning.