Engine Ensamblage XU10J4/RFY


After the setting of the timing done, and you can start assembling the different parts of the engine, on the opposite side of the distribution must place the aluminum housing which supports the vacuum pump and the thermostat housing and temperature probes , should apply liquid gasket sealant capable oils and antifreeze. After installing this part, we can also assemble the clutch and gearbox.

Advantage is the engine out of the car and do a little assembly for exterior cleaning and improve appearance, and so will also be easier to locate a leak of oil or other liquid if it occurs in the future. The appearance greatly improved, and also advise you to clean the engine compartment, the improvement is remarkable.

As you can see from the above photos, silent block or support available in your accommodation right engine before putting the engine in the engine compartment. The rear derailleur on this occasion it gets even, nor the black metal cup that supports it (which is also the support or base of the battery), why would prevent us to enter the engine properly, once I put the motor in position (suspended with pen but now located inside the engine compartment), and we can place the metal bowl stand silent block of the gearbox, and then the arm right bracket to support the engine on the silent right block ( belt pulleys). With these 2 brackets and fixed, the motor will hold (obviously missing the lower leg of the engine, but I will say when transmissions wheels, because the support that makes the engine strut at the rear of the engine, is also the bearing length (right) bearing.

After installing the engine in vain, may be placing all components and accessories that were disconnected / dismantled in disassembly, and strictly follow the reverse order to not leave us anything, and we must always respect the torque advocated for each screw (least critical). Also keep in mind always that when the head gasket is changed, you can get much dirt circuit for engine oil and the coolant circuit, so it is essential to make full oil change and its respective folder, and put new coolant and purge it properly so there are no air bubbles in the circuit that may cause engine malfunction.