Test and home cleaning injectors:

In this video you can see a homegrown ingenuity that helped me to test properly working nozzles and pulverized fuel properly. He also served for an injector cleaning since having a closed circuit could put a clean-injectors additive that recirculates through the pump, regulator, filter, fuel rail and injector to stop returning to the reservoir.  

This assembly consists of a battery that is in charge of supplying the current direcctamente the fuel pump Mini Cooper S (R53), which is parallel has placed a battery charger in order to extend the battery (as fuel pumps can safely consume on the order of 8-10 amps. I also became a printed circuit board with a pair of potentiometers that served me to regulate the frequency of injection and the amount of fuel (pulse width) of the injectors (in this case 12V). I also made me a sealed container (pot of lentils) that modified and gave him a ticket to the correct injector housing and an outlet to vent accumulated in vessel fuel (return to Mini fuel tank by a hose).


The advantage of doing the cleaning so the cleanser does not burn, does not go to the cylinder, but recycled directly to the tank, so we get reused. This process must be done by each injector, and that was only means to do so with an injector at a time.


As for the appearance of the test injector range, in my case I did not get to appreciate visual differences between injectors were pretty even, but certainly the end of the test were cleaner than before starting the test.