Oil and Filter Change


In this Brico will change the engine oil and oil filter to a BMW 118d (series 1) of 143cv 2007. It would not be necessary to remove the top cover of the engine to change the oil filter, but it is very easy to remove as it is fixed to pressure, and gives us access to the time we can check the status of the engine for leaks, etc ...

What advise do is take a little oil the rod so that when we remove the sump plug to drain oil better to allow air to pass through the through the dipstick. It is also a good time to look at the oil level on the dipstick and see how much has been spent in the range of mileage traveled since the last oil change (if it is not filled in, of course). To look at the level, the car should be flat, with the engine off, and hot, having left the engine sit a while to return oil to the crankcase. Always clean the dipstick before making level measurement at least once, to ensure that the level at rest is reflecting the rod. In the picture it looks like the rod is setting over the account, after cleaning and mark the correct level.

The next thing is to go to the bottom of the car and get the record out there to make the oil drain is not necessary to remove the entire plastic cover underneath. Using a coin or tornavís turn and you can remove the cap small.

Once removed, as is the drain plug of the oil pan, we do with a container of at least 6 liters (this engine has over 5 liters if I remember correctly), and you loosen the screw and emptied all the oil. This is a good time to remove the oil filter and replace with the new. The oil filter canister is right beside the oil dipstick.

Before installing the new filter, change the ring to the top of the filter container, rubber and comes in the box with filter change. The copper washer, which also comes, it's the oil drain plug (in the crankcase). I put the original filter references and turnover had I bought, in case anyone is interested.

When fitting the new filter is important to look at the lower pivot position is, that pin should go in the corresponding cavity having the filter housing. After positioning the filter, we can put the lid and tighten with a torque wrench to 25Nm with 32mm hex hub.

After installing the new oil filter, we can put the pan screw with your new washer. Again Cojeremos also set to 25Nm torque and a glass of 17 and pressed the screw to set torque.

At this point, we can put the cap back plastic bottom, and we can fill the oil by removing the oil filler cap. The type of oil to use is very important, and must meet the specifications for this model dictates BMW. In my case I opted for Castrol Edge FST (5W30) synthetic. You have to look at the oil pan capacity indicating the manual (with filter change included), which in my case exceeded 5 liters.

At this point, we can put the top cover of the engine if we have taken the first, and be ready to start the engine. The first start is important to note that the witness is disconnect the power of oil in seconds, that would mean no oil pressure, which is a good sign. Usually after a few seconds the engine sounds and finer.