Oil service Interval reset in Audi A4 B8


When we have made an oil change to the car, it is possible to reset the service interval to remind us that in 15000km we will have to change the oil. In my case I use a Castrol LongLife oil that could last up to 20,000km or more, but I prefer to change it to 15,000km. 


Taking into account that we have already carried out the oil change and are preparing to reset the service interval, the steps to follow are as follows:


1- Put the key and go to the "CAR" menu of the MMI, and select the option "Service intervals". We will see that it informs us of the Km we have taken more (with respect to the 15000 theoretical) and the days that have passed out of the 365 theoretical days that it gives you when you do a "reset". In my case I have passed 2800Km and I have also passed in 64 days, you can see in the second photo.

2- We go down to the option: Reset interval (oil). It will ask us if we really want to reset it; We select "Yes".

3- At this moment the oil service interval has already been reset and a screen will be shown with the Km and the days that we have left before the next service interval (15000Km and 365 days).

At this point we can end this simple brico, hope that it has helped you.