Multifunction steering wheel Change (2 to 3 arms):

This Brico explains how to move from a 2-spoke multifunction steering wheel to a 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel.

The dashboard with 2 Wireless multifunction steering wheel is the one shown in the photo.

First I recommend putting the wheel fully focused, and with the wheels straight.

What you need to do is remove the airbag, but for this, and to avoid any possible errors or false triggering of airbag, what I recommend is to disconnect at least one terminal of the battery, and remove the key from the clausor.

Start loosening 2 screws Torx there housed in the rear of the 2-spoke steering wheel, with this release the airbag get this wheel.

After loosening the screws, you have to remove a little disconnect the airbag and rear connectors you have (one green and one black. If I remember correctly, it should be a little lever with a flat tornavís right on top of the connectors where you see a tab when the tab up and you can unplug the connector.

In the first picture out the details of a boss that must be taken into account for mounting the new steering wheel, this is the one dragging the rotary controls that allows the wheel and you can rotate it without twisting the cables.

Detail of connectors and cable colors as they were originally:


No need to remove all the wiring harnesses. The connector containing the 2 connectors from the airbag (green and black) it can be left connected, and that serves equally for the steering wheel airbag 3 arms.

Then proceed to unscrew the center screw that holds the wheel to the steering column, for it is necessary to summon a socket wrench on the number 16 and hold the wheel to keep it from moving when loosening the central screw. It's pretty tight, but goes smoothly.

Detail wrench used:

After loosening the central screw, we can remove the wheel, and we have only connected the two hoses containing the airbag.

Carefully we can place the new 3-spoke steering wheel taking care of respecting a wider groove containing the striatum of the steering column, and that marks the correct positioning of the wheel body. Once in place we can put the center screw and squeeze it with the appropriate torque (see torque tables Manufacturer).

The following is connected and properly dispose cables connectors new multifunction controls, and make sure not to pinch any wires.

Then we can connect the 2 hoses connecting the airbag airbag to properly position the receptacle. The airbag is placed under pressure and is anchored by springs that are on the wheel.

Finally, the appearance of the 3-spoke steering wheel is as follows:

In addition to aesthetics, it must be said that the center horn is another improvement in my opinion, since by button, such as 2-arm steering wheel, is less intuitive.

Would check that the multifunction control functions are correct, and that light properly, and that is finalized this Brico.