Change oil and oil filter


In this Brico I explain how to change the oil and oil filter to a Mini Cooper S (R53). The first is to drain the oil; this is done by accessing the underside of the engine and removing the drain plug of the oil pan; You need to work under the car so I advise pit or hoist and keep the car straight. I also advise doing a hot engine, the oil is more fluid and drains better.


To drain oil remove the screw cap makes oil pan. The key need is a hex number 13.

For all the oil to drain advise remove the oil filler cap (top of head cover) and draw some dipstick, this will help to drain better.


The next step is to remove the oil filter; therefore we will do it with a glass of 36 and a ratchet 1/2. You can carefully unscrew sans serif problems ratchet (not much room to turn the key, but it's enough). Better remove the filter slowly so we do not drip excess oil out of the vessel; if you go with little litter in care.

Once we removed the old filter and put the new oil filter, it is important to change the O-ring of the cap so that no further oil leaks. You have to fit the new filter in the right position at the top of aluminum; then we can begin to screw the lid (with filter) in the oil filter container, we will hand until they no longer can; at this point you have to grab a torque and tighten until it has a torque of 25Nm. Finally coocaremos screw (plug) of the oil pan, and will press it with a torque wrench to 25Nm (in this case with a glass of No. 13. This screw with seal recommend changing every oil change, worth as not worth much money and we will ensure that the estanquiedad is good.

At this point, enter the appropriate touch to the engine oil; They are about 5 liters; in my case I always used Mobil1 0W40 longlife, which complies with asking BMW (BMW LongLife 01) and had no problems ever, although I must say that in the decorative plastic cover Castrol intercooler is recommended.


Once we have put the oil, we make sure that the top of the oil filter and the pan plug are tight, that the filler cap oil from the cylinder head cover and the rod oil level is properly inserted, and start the engine for a while; in a few seconds the oil filter is filled; After awhile since we can go checking the oil level with the dipstick, we have to leave it at the maximum allowed not spend indications of the rod.


As for the oil filling, when you go down the oil level after the time / km, the important thing is that never falls below the minimum allowed, go to monitor the level to make sure this does not happen.