Removing the engine XU10J4/RFY


Once prepared the engine to remove the engine, pulled the motor over, here you can see the process of removal and disassembly of the engine. Be very careful not to damage the radiator, but it goes well.

I show some pictures of the engine and removed from the car, and the engine was as vain.

With the engine off and you can remove the motor change block to see the state it is.

Removing the screws press the clutch you can see the disc and the flywheel.

Details of the flywheel and crankshaft seal on the side of change.

At this point, it was a good time to change the crankshaft retainer:

The next step is disconnecting the entire cylinder head to lap the valves and seats, and change the whole upper seals (valves, camshafts, etc ...)